United Evony Federation



 This site is dedicated to the United Evony Federation (UEF). Which is a federation of top alliances created in server 85. Founded by AIDS808. This site is for all the UEF alliances from server 101 to allow us to share our knowledge and  teach one another.


I first came across the Idea of the UEF in server 63 when some one tried creating the United Romagna Federation (URF). The URF was designed to unite the small alliances of Romagna. Well, the problem there was communication and the fact all alliances in it were just to small. So in the end it didnt work out. I continued on to server 68, brought 3 members that followed me there. There we made alliance Nfection and the same deal a federation was attempted. The reason for its defeat in this server was cause of a battle for space. See the URF was United Romagna Federation which limits it to one state and with all these alliances united in the same state it caused lots of problems over space. So after we were back stabbed I sent a mass mail to my members about moving to server 85. I had 16 people follow this time. That is where I founded alliance Judgment which quickly jumped to rank #1 over all. This time I made my atempt to make a federation. Looking at all the mistakes the past times I saw it atempted, I decided one state is to small to baracade such a big idea. So this time I called it the United Evony Federation (UEF). No limits to its size. We succeeded in many battles and conquered many states. As soon as I reached my goal I moved on to server 101 and recreated the UEF again.

Concept of the Uef

Now you all may be wondering what the UEF is. Its a federation, a friendship, a agreement of many top alliances. The UEF is a democracy. We have a council of many leaders and vote on issues. Everyone has equal say. We are a team. Each alliance protects one another. No members left unprotected we dont leave anyone to fight for them self. We are united.